Friday, 10 February 2017

Exploring the Piccadilly Line: Sudbury Town & Park Royal

On a slightly grey day last summer, six of us went on a photowalk organised by Kate from Made by Mrs M (well, six of us including the lovely Kate herself!). We spent the day visiting Art Deco stations on the Piccadilly Line... and I took so many photos that I'm blogging about the day in bits.

After our first couple of stops, we left Sudbury Hill station...

... and walked to nearby Sudbury Town...

... it was nice to get out and stretch our legs, but it's a shame the weather wasn't nicer. Ah, the joys of an English summer.

Sudbury Town turned out to have a large entrance hall...

... with a high and brilliantly blue ceiling (and matching blue clock).

The kiosk in the entrance hall was blue too (of course) - I love that zingy green and blue combo!

As well as a quirky curved kiosk, Sudbury Town has a charming curved waiting room.

Lovely benches, too!

Next we hopped back on the Piccadilly Line, travelling two stops to Park Royal. I do love the design of these stations, with all those blocks of windows.

I wonder if this was for customers to post letters to staff, or a private mailbox for the staff to use?

Over the walkway and down the stairs...


... to Park Royal's curved entrance hall.

Like several of the stations we visited, Park Royal has a lovely old ticket kiosk still in place - though, sadly, no longer actually used to sell tickets.


The curved hall looks great from the outside, too.

There are flats built into the same block as the station, with more lovely brickwork and curves. I've got no idea what these flats are like to live in, but the building looks very lovingly designed from the outside.


A little further up the road we found more nice brickwork and tiles, and lots more curves... as well as the Boden shop, which had a very tempting-looking sale rail in the window!


By then it was definitely time to head for lunch, so we headed back to Park Royal in search of food. I'll blog about our afternoon's Art Deco finds sometime soon...


Amara said...

Really lovely brickwork and window design. It is so wonderful when you can see craftsmanship like that in a building --and to hold up for so long!

Katrin said...

Agaiin so many lovely details, thanks for sharing. Only one question: Were you there on a sunday? Where are all the other people?

Littlelamb said...

Thank you for showing these stations. Can remember them from my childhood........a long time ago, lovely buildings.

Bugs and Fishes said...

Amara - yes, it's great seeing these buildings still in good condition!

Katrin - it was a Saturday! Not the busiest bits of London, though and I was careful when taking pictures :)

Littlelamb - glad you enjoyed the post x

Katie C said...

There's some really beautiful train stations around London, never realised how many were art-deco though!

Bugs and Fishes said...

Me neither, Katie! It was real joy to be able to explore these - especially visiting several in one day and seeing the similarities and differences between them. They all obviously belong to the same design family but have been individually designed for each site, which is fab.


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